How to reinvent yourself?

1752906-Steve-Harvey-Quote-You-are-never-too-old-to-reinvent-yourselfComing up on this question , it is really necessary for you to introspect yourself in the current situation . Yes a lot of work will be needed to reinvent yourself. But before that you must find out what are the fears that are holding you back. Because to face your fears you must find out exactly what are they?

so ask yourself questions. What are you afraid of? Why are you not doing which you are supposed to do? and Who do you think is gonna do it for you? There is no one out there who can help you, if you don’t initiate. So stop looking around for help. The help will come from inside. For that you must believe in yourself, believe that you are unique . There is no one like you even the slightest on this face of planet. You must become the force that you are seeking. And Yes you are capable of more. You can Become what you really want. It’s not over, it’s just a beginning if you are willing to work , sacrifice and focus on your goals.

The truth is nobody out there is capable of giving you anything. It begins with you & It ends with you. You are the center of your universe. In your life , things will start from you only. You want something , it’s easy ,you have to work for it. Find the zeal inside you , ignite it with whatever you have. Don’t stop till you make it a unstoppable fire. know that it’s not easy for anybody else and it’s not going to be for you. It will take a process to reinvent yourself. The process changes you, not the destination & that is what is needed for you to accomplish your dreams. You don’t have to agree to no one. You only need your permission to achieve your goals. So be mentally ready & everything else will follow.

Yes there are difficulties ahead on the road, but you must not focus on them. The game is to focus so much on your capabilities that everything else will fade away automatically. Because if  you become the most determined person for your goals, The World will get out by itself from your way. But it all starts with a single belief in yourself. The belief will transform you my friend completely once you internalize it in to your very deep heart. Believe that you can do it & you will.

And this belief will destroy your fears. Because fear is indirectly proportional to your capabilities. So if you have faith in your capabilities , Fears will not stand a chance. And we all know that fear is false evidence appearing real. So give yourself this chance of believing in yourself once again. Don’t get out but get in to your mind , tell it your affirmations , your beliefs, your goals, your capabilities, your Determination to achieve them. And you will bigin to reinvent yourself. You will Become what you have dreamt of.

Don’t worry about the decisions which you will have to take for this. Just start, focus on the next step. you need not to worry about the whole process. Think of it this way. Suppose you are travelling in your car from one destination to another in a night. and there the headlights of your car shows you the way . you don’t see the whole road but you see enough to move ahead. so think of your belief as the headlights of car. it will show you the way. But you must have it. Otherwise the Car cannot move in the darkness. Your belief will become your light in the darkness. And Decisions are like the turns on the roads , you will take them once you know where to go.

So reinventing yourself must be about your very dreams and goals. Have the clarity and zeal to chase them. And you will be there before you know it.


chal aaj ko banate hai,

beete hue kal ko bhulate hai,

aane wale kal ko thoda aur door le jate hai.

chal aaj ko banate hai,

jhuth se buni un hasraton ko bhulate hai,

kahin agar thodi si bhi aas baki hai ,toh use chhor pe le aate hain,

chal aaj ko banate hai,

andekhi , ansuni mehaj aankhon ki dastano ko mitate hai,

tute hue us nadi ke chhor pe ek aur naav le aate hai,

chal aaj ko banate hai,

khud ko is dariyaa ke paar le jaate hai.


Around the corner

The world is what we think of,being an optimist gives the world more colors than constantly nagging about other side. Well everybody these days is in constant desperation of having the active participation in their opinions towards the very cause of nuisances. The feeling of insecurity runs through their nerves and the forms of uneasiness while travelling around is making their lives more complicated than ever. So now the question is how to tackle your unknown fears. We have two choices..

1- In the first case,if the world becomes just like you wish ,your problems then might have a permanent solution..:)

2-Secondly i’ll say change the mindset because changing everyone will take a lot of time,won’t say it’s impossible but surely a utopian task.

So the 1st case according to thermodynamics is like expecting an ideal case in which a system doesn’t leak energy or might contain it forever,so every wish can’t become a reality and hence this case will not provide you the solution.

In 2nd case there is a large scope of improvement in your mindset,starting with your very small habits you can become a person of entirely different arena.but there is a basic need before u change yourself,and it is our constant question as well(HAPPINESS AND PEACE IN OUR LIVES). Somehow it is the only possible solution for the world as well,because peace is related to happiness and it comes with practice just like anything else,it’s a skill we must develop and it’s a tool we must have and it’s the only way to have permanent happiness in our lives,and do not be mislead that it exists after death or up on any mountain or below the oceans,it exists inside of you as water in the fountain of your breath.the day you will understand that it really is inside of you,your world will definitely change.                                                                                                                                                  And the day you will experience the  peace,you will not fear anything and will truly understand the value of this incredible life.fearlessness will bring you the beauties of the world,and will change you entirely …… just remember one thing WORLD IS NOT A NASTY PLACE…so think,wait,decide and act……coz  “PEACE ALSO NEEDS PRACTICE”. And the day we will change world will change.